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As always, please let me know of anyone I need to add or delete.

Into your hands, O Lord, we humbly entrust our friends.

We pray for the victims and families of terrorism and hatred.

We pray for the thousands of people around the world affected by storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and fires.

May those who are cold and without a warm place to rest find one tonight.

We pray for all victims of human trafficking and slavery.

We pray that all students, teachers and all who work at schools everywhere will be kept safe.

We pray for everyone grieving the loss of a partner or friend. May they be comforted.

We pray for those with no one to pray for them and those who have ever been on this list.

[personal profile] phyncke's Aunt Jeannie was just diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Please keep her in your prayers.

[personal profile] perkyandproud's friend Damietta is back in the hospital. Please keep her in your prayers.

[personal profile] nuinzilien's friend Nikki was found by her wife, unresponsive on the floor. Her blood sugar was off the charts, and the doctors are prescribing a drug they cannot afford. Please keep them in your prayers.

[profile] samtyr's cousin Lyn P has been diagnosed with breast cancer, but luckily they found it early. Please keep her in your prayers.

[personal profile] chaotic_binky's brother-in-law has pancreatitis and a chest infection, secondary to COPD, and has new complications. Please keep him in your prayers.

[profile] tallulahred's long time friend LuĂ­sa has been diagnosed with early onset dementia. She's only 59 and a kind soul who always makes people smile and feel welcome and cherished. Her two children have just finished university. Her daughter is a doctor, training as a pediatrician.

[personal profile] red_lasbelin's father is suffering from a series of issues and is in chronic pain. Please keep him in your prayers.

For abused women and children everywhere, especially in Darfur and "Britain's witch children". You can read more about the witch children here:

For all of our servicemen and women, especially those serving far from home.

[personal profile] nienna_weeper's list:

Nienna's friend Mary Ann is back on chemo for recurring ovarian cancer.

Nienna's friend Pam has been fighting breast cancer for several years and it has now metastasized in her intestines and brain. Pam has always had a positive attitude but the brain lesion has her really shaken.

[personal profile] phyncke's List:

Phyncke's friend, S, is fighting stage 3 cancer. Please keep her in your prayers.
Phyncke's friend Benjamin was just laid off from the University and has a small child at home. He needs to find a new job quickly!
Phyncke's co-worker Diane has had a recurrence of breast cancer.
Phyncke's friend Debbie needs prayer. She is caring for her brother who is schizophrenic and is quite a challenge.
Phyncke's parents are thinking of making some major changes as they progress into their more elder years.
Phyncke's friend, Julie, is in need of a new job that's closer to home.She currently has a terrible commute.

Our furry, feathered and scaled friends

For everyone grieving the loss of a pet. May they be comforted.


We pray for an end to the hostilities in the Middle East, especially the persecuted Christians in the Middle East, and all the victims of the evil that is ISIS.

Nigeria, where the al-Qaeda connected group Boko Haram has slaughtered thousands of people and destroyed whole villages.


South Sudan

Central African Republic



Russia and India - anti LGBT laws, suppression, and attacks

Venezuela - media suppression and repression of freedoms.






Ongoing serious conditions

[personal profile] anorienparker 's co-worker, G, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She was in an accident a few years ago and is blind in one eye, takes care of her severely disable husband, diagnosed with COPD at the end of last year, and with a large tumor in her breast last week. Please pray for her healing and strength.
[personal profile] alexcat's friend Jim's wife, Sandra just finished chemo for breast cancer and is going to be doing radiation soon. Her prognosis so far is good.
[personal profile] mithrial's son Guy.
Please keep [personal profile] mithrial, her mother and family in your prayers. Her mother is 92 and has had a massive stroke.
[personal profile] chaotic_binky's friend who was so bullied at work that she's lost her job and has apparently left the area.
[profile] catwench
[profile] catwench's MIL, Momele, is suffering from rapidly advancing Alzheimer's.
[profile] catwench's FIL, Arch, is caring for his wife, Momele. It's a very difficult thing to do, so please keep him in your prayers.
[personal profile] chaotic_binky's daughter and granddaughter.
[personal profile] chloe_amethyst's friend, Miz JB.
[personal profile] deathangelgw's dearest friend, Jess, is getting sicker. Her kidneys are failing and they are not sure why.
[personal profile] deathangelgw's friend Mike.
[personal profile] elflover59's granddaughter, Arianna.
[personal profile] fimbrethiel's husband is suffering from Lyme disease and can use a lot of prayer.
[personal profile] fimbrethiel's father has been diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. Please keep him in your prayers.
[profile] gwanunig and their family.
[personal profile] gwaelinn's former student who is now in the 9th grade was just diagnosed with leukemia. A marrow donor match has been found.
[personal profile] gwaelinn's mother and father. Her father's back is really bad.
[personal profile] heyurs's friend Emmie's mother is battling cancer. Please keep her and the family in your prayers.
[personal profile] inwe_saralonde's father.
[personal profile] jaiden_s's friend Kim's son, Hunter, is five and was just diagnosed with Duchenne MD...the worst kind. Please pray for Hunter and his family.
[personal profile] minuial_nuwing's mother is not doing well. Please keep her in your prayers.
[personal profile] mistressminx_13's friend Sonia. She has rheumatoid arthritis, but most importantly, her home life is pretty much a living hell with an abusive husband.
A co-worker of [personal profile] mistressminx_13's, Sue's husband - has restrictive lung disease and nodules on his lungs. There isn't any cure, but he is on breathing treatments to slow things as much as possible.
[personal profile] mylodon's friends Tim, Patrick and Mary are in need of prayer.
[personal profile] mylodon's friend Edith is in need of prayer, as well as Edith's husband, Jim.
Please keep [personal profile] nienna_weeper, her husband, and son Tory in your prayers. Tory is going through a very difficult time in his life.
[personal profile] nuinzilien's mother.
[personal profile] numenora and her family; especially her sister.
[personal profile] perkyandproud's friend Damietta (LadyD) is doing better but can still use prayers.
[personal profile] perkyandproud's nephew Alex is having difficulties again. He stops taking his meds when he feels better, which leads to problems. Please keep him, as well as Perky's Mom and sister in your prayers.
[personal profile] perkyandproud's adopted foster mom, Emily.
[profile] sardistri's great-aunt Daisy.
[personal profile] semyaza
[personal profile] semyaza's friend and godmother, Elena, has a small tumour on one lung. Please keep her in your prayers.
[profile] skonichek is dealing with horrible headaches and can use prayer.
[profile] thewenchywiccan's step-father, Bill has serious heart issues. Her overly stressed mother can use prayer as well.

Please remember [personal profile] gwaelinn's friend Mary and her family as they deal with the unexpected death of her 24 year old son; [profile] melethen's 20 year old son Kris; [personal profile] alexcat; Marina; [personal profile] nienna_weeper; [profile] enide; [personal profile] semyaza's friend Hildi; [personal profile] nicky2007's cousins Steven and Nicole; [profile] sardonyx_78; [profile] butterfly124; [profile] catwench's friend Sean, and all of our friends who have ever lost a child.

Remembering [profile] jalynne
Remembering Patricia [profile] slayer9649
Remembering Di
Remembering Lef (Tindulaith)
Remembering Jenn [profile] finding_her
Remembering Lorie [profile] lorie945
Remembering [profile] catwench's husband, Glenn, September 28, 1999
Remembering [personal profile] alexcat's daughter Sara, June 12, 2005
Remembering [profile] erynaranel's son Kile, March 27, 2008
Remembering [personal profile] numenora's brother Frank, August 8, 2009
Remembering [profile] aglarien1's husband, Mr. C, October 23, 2009
Remembering Elaina [profile] poeticbeauty, March 5, 2010
Remembering [profile] ichor_67, April 16, 2010
Remembering [personal profile] mdarkdreamer's mother, River Lady, August 17, 2010
Remembering [profile] catwench's friend, Jimmy, October 18, 2010
Remembering [personal profile] slipperieslope February 3, 2011
Remembering [personal profile] aleabeth February 24, 2011
Remembering [personal profile] erviniae's Drew, June 17, 2011
Remembering [profile] shadowlady7966 March 1, 2012
Remembering [personal profile] elfscribe5's husband David, September 6, 2012
Remembering [personal profile] sbyte October 2, 2013
Remembering [profile] luin77's grandmother, October 25, 2013
Remembering [personal profile] pfodge's mother, November, 2013
Remembering [personal profile] silver_trails's mother, December 14, 2013
Remembering Emily [profile] jetcas December 30, 2013
Remembering Cris [personal profile] brotherskeeper1, January 22, 2014
Remembering [profile] rozzan's Roger, February 24, 2014
Remembering [personal profile] fimbrethiel's father in law, April 2, 2014
Remembering [personal profile] larienelengasse's best friend Lauriel, April 2, 2014
Remembering [personal profile] snapes_angel, June 3, 2014
Remembering [personal profile] silver_trails's brother, Guillermo, July 29, 2014
Remembering [profile] kenazfiction's grandmother, August 9, 2014
Remembering [personal profile] semyaza's mother
Remembering [personal profile] noadvertising's mother, April 15, 2016
remembering [personal profile] anorienparker's Steven, October 29, 2016
[personal profile] chloe_amethyst's father, November 30, 2016.

Date: 2017-04-29 04:20 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alexcat
Y'all all say a little prayer for a journey for us to Germany tomorrow. We're going to see Jenny and her parents.

Love you all!


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